At The Equestrian Box we are looking forward to working with all our sponsors for this season and cannot wait to see you all out in your new clothing for both horse and rider, as well as following your progress and hopefully being able to get out to some shows to support you .

Sponsored Rider of 2020 - Violet Guerin Age 7

My name is Violet Guerin and I have just turned 7 years old. I have been riding since I was 2 weeks old when I got the opportunity to sit on Midnight Legend, ever since I had my first experience it has been impossible to get me off. Both my mother and father came from a horsey background, my mother has been surrounded by horses her entire life, passing on her passion to me, my father also growing up as a jockey and racing in in the UK and Ireland.


I got Lilly my 29inch mini Shetland aged just 2 years old. We used to go out to do pony club and local shows. Lilly taught me to sit up, hold on and never give up. 


At 4, I got Stourton Whirlabout II (Ross) my beautiful 12hh Dartmoor who I’m out on most weekends competing in the show ring, show jumping, eventing and even mounted games. In the last 2 years me and Ross have already achieved a lot, however I believe I have so much more that we would like to do. Some of my current achievements at affiliated level are as follows:

1st M&M lead rein Swpa qualifier 

1st M&M Swpa qualifier

1st M&M first ridden Swpa qualifier  

1st M&M Working Hunter Swpa qualifier 

1st M&M ridden swpa championships 

2nd M&M Working Hunter Mid-Somerset Show. 

3rd Swpa M&M lead rein championships 

5th M&M lead rein Mid-Somerset show 

6th M&M lead rein North Somerset show 

6th M&M lead rein Honiton show. 

I believe that I have too many wins and champions at local level to list. Also many wins and placings in show jumping, ode’s and eventer challenges. 


I recently welcomed Neuaddparc Welsh Dream (Bam Bam) into my life, a very cheeky 12.2hh welsh C. At the moment we are still getting to know each other and our aim is BD youth in the coming years. In our first dressage test we came  home with a 6th with brilliant comments and lots to work on for the future. 

Violet 2.jpg

Sponsored Rider of 2020 - Skyla Clements Age 10

Skyla Clements age 10 Skyla has been riding all her life, she lives and breathes ponies!

Skyla has Marons Romeo aka Romeo, her Welsh B showjumping pony and Flaming Katie aka Bambi her all round superstar mare who is a British Spotted Pony and also WPB .we like to show as a SHP. Bambi has been with us for the past 5 years and is a utter star she excels in flat showing, PC, workers and a perfect for little jockeys.


Romeo has been with us since the summer of 2019 he was bred to jump and he loves it! Skyla and Romeo currently train with the Chard and Bristol under 21's BS Academy.


For 2020 we are hoping Bambi & Romeo will keep doing well and we are training harder than ever to make 2020 a successful year. Skyla can be seen riding little sister Elsie's ponies at some events.


Sponsored Rider of 2020 - Elsie Wilkins Age 6

Elsie Wilkins aged 6 Elsie started riding properly Nov 18, she joined her local pony club and she was away!


The 2020 season she will be competing on her section A Torcoed Kalon-Lan aka Marmite and her British Spotted Pony Walnut who is a rescue pony. Marmite is 6 and he is new to us for the 2020 season, Walnut has been with us for year after being at the local world horse welfare.


Both ponies love being out and about showing, jumping, doing PC rallies and having lots of fun! Elsie is quite a character and is very determined to do well this season, she often nicks her big sister's ponies too