These Iron on Transfer Doodles are a great way to create personalised wearable designs as well as being perfect for calming a busy mind and reducing stress. 


Create a unique one off tshirt made by you !


Included in you EB Doodle set is 1 design (choosen by you) each design varies in intricacy from basic to complex. Alongside one tshirt all packaged in a canvus bag making it a great gift. 


This set makes it super easy to make your own tshirt

  • Simply colour your design using a textile marker or permanent felt pen. A textile marker will produce a more washed look and for more vibrant effects use a permanent felt pen such as a fine point sharpie.
  • Place the design ink side done on your t shirt 
  •  Use a domestic iron or heatpress and apply for 15 seconds at 160 degrees C


Equestrian Doodle T-shirt Set