Have you ever wanted to design your own tshirt or cant find a design that you like.

Here is your opportunity to do just that.

Draw your design on white paper using a thickish BLACK or NAVY pen (the thinner the pen the thinner your print will be). Remember to much detail can make for a messy image.

Take a photo of this on your phone directly above and send this to us at theequestrianbox@outlook.com and we will do the rest.

This also makes a great gift or keep sake.


You are more than welcome to send us your design before purchasing to check it will be ok. If you do not follow the above criteria and we cannot do your design we will provide feedback and try 4 images in total for you and after this point a 50% refund will be issued and the remainder retained for the admin involved in converting the images.

Design Your Own Tshirt